Our History

Sanlam Koor:

A choir for Sanlam staff was established in June 1973, but after a few performances in 1977 ceased to exist due to a shortage of male voices. Thanks to the vision of a senior person at Sanlam, whose name is unfortunately unknown to us, it was decided that the company should become more involved in cultural affairs. As a result of this initiative, a new choir was established with Sanlam as sponsor. At the end of 1985, Sanlam withdrew their sponsorship.

Stadskoor – Civic Choir Bellville:

Sponsorship was obtained from the Bellville City Council which resulted in the choir’s name being changed to Bellville City Choir. When the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town was placed under one Council and the name was changed to Tygerberg City, the choir’s name changed to Tygerberg City Choir as the Council continued to sponsor.

Mecer Stadskoor Tygerberg:

In time the City of Tygerberg also withdrew its sponsorship and Tommie Snyman (still a choir member) with the help of Tina Nel, began to arrange annual golf days to strengthen the finances. In this process, Mecer became involved in sponsorship and for a time the choir was known as Mecer City Choir Tygerberg, until the sponsorship was withdrawn.

Stadskoor Tygerberg City Choir :

In 2018, the choir changed their name back to Stadskoor Tygerberg and added City Choir to their name to reflect the bilingualism of the choir.